IMPORTANT: Please note, the event of this job is completed. You will no longer be able to accept invitations or apply.


I have been asked to be the best man, leaving me with the task of arranging the stag do! I am looking for 2, possible three girls to attend the stag do to act as event mangers/party hosts.

There will be between 15-20 attending the stag, average age is 30. We are traveling to Liverpool by coach from Surrey on the 27th September 2019 for two nights.

The itinerary is shown below:

Friday 27th September

9:30am - Coach leaves Epsom

1pm - Coach arrives at 'The Emperor Games' just outside Liverpool city centre. The activity last for 2 hours, where everyone is given beer, dressed in togas and basically do stupid gladiator games.

3:30pm(ish) - Coach arrives at the serviced apartment accommodations in Liverpool city centre. Successful applicants will manage the check in process and room/bed allocations etc.

Ideally the successful applicants will spend the next couple of hours serving drinks and running drinking games etc

6pm - Guided bar crawl in Liverpool, hosts will not need to attend as guides provided, but they are welcome as long as they are not too hungover to be ready for the next days work.

Saturday 28th September

The troops will be wounded this morning from the night before, probably not much sign of life before 11:30am

11:30am - Successful applicants are to wake everyone up and make sure everyone is ready to go by 12:30pm

12:30pm - Successful applicants are to walk/direct us to the next activity at the sports bar in L1, where we have a Man v Food challenge and beer package waiting. Successful applicants will attend and do bar runs for drinks etc, just help keep the group together and drinks full

When we are done, the successful applicants will then heard us all back to our apartments, making sure no man is left behind.

6pm - Successful applicants will check on each of the three apartments making sure everyone is alive and is dressed and ready to leave for 7pm

7pm - Successful applicants will walk/direct us to the comedy club in L1 where we have a seat and drinks package booked. We will be watching the show drinking, then moving onto to bars from here. Successful applicants are welcome to attend the show.

Successful applicants will be responsible for guiding us to the next bar/club and making sure everyone gets there.

Throughout the night I am sure this will become more and more difficult, ideally the hosts will enjoy the night but also make sure everyone gets back to the accommodation at the end of the night.

Sunday 29th September

10am - Successful applicants are to make sure everyone is up and packed ready for checkout, then making sure everyone is accounted for on the coach before it leaves. Also you will be responsible for speaking with the coach driver to make sure he has arrived and where he is parked etc

We are a nice group of guys, there will be some dads and uncles etc in the mix. Ideally, the successful applicants will meet the coach at a half way point from Epsom to Liverpool, they will then come aboard and spend the rest of the journey meeting and greeting the guys and trying to learn names etc, plus running fun drinking games, serving drinks and keeping spirits high!

Applicants should have the following skills:

- Bubbly, smiley and outgoing personality
- Very good at running organised drinking games
- Be able to manage the trips criteria to take the pressure of the best man
- Be extra nice to the best man
- Be Reliable
- Be Fun
- Be very patient with annoying middle aged drunk men from Surrey
- Learn the locations of the activities or at least have a way of managing to get us to each place and back without getting lost

Successful applicants will be provided with a hotel room separate from the stag party, travel expenses will be covered if you can meet the coach half way also.

You will be working from Friday 27th September from around 11:30am, to Sunday 29th September around 11:30am.

I am offering £200 per day each, so a total of £400 per host in total, plus and extra £100 to cover your expenses. You can either be based in Surrey/London and come on the coach with us or anywhere on the way, or Liverpool itself. If you think its for you and you have a friend that would also be good then even better.You are also welcome to join in the activities and drinks (as long as you are still sober enough to do your duties), also breakfast will be provided at the hotel each morning.

I know its several months away, but I like to be organised!

Apologies for keep using 'Successful Applicants', it just felt right.

Any interested applicants please email