PartiStaff hand picks and hooks you up with waiters and topless waiters so your hens party goes off without and hitch and you can focus on having fun!

Our Hens Party Waiters have all your needs covered. PartiStaff puts the hiring in your hands so you get to pick which charismatic men will be your topless waiters. We are also 30% cheaper than using a traditional agency.
  • Waiter
  • Topless Waiter
  • Bartender
  • PartiStaff
  • £20/hr
  • £40/hr
  • £20/hr
  • Agency
  • £30/hr
  • £70/hr
  • £30/hr
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Hens Party Waiters

Post a job, receive applications, then choose the right people for your job!

Why choose PartiStaff


Affordable Pricing

It's free to sign up, post a job, or request staff on PartiStaff! You set the price rather than paying an agency's price, this will save you around 50% compared to most casual staffing companies.

Professional Staff

We have over 5,000 staff Australia wide, with a wide range of skills and professions. We monitor staff intake daily to ensure you can quickly access quality staff.

Flexible & Fast

You can post a job or request staff within minutes. Our staff are ready to take on a shift the same day, or in a month! They offer very flexible hours and working arrangements, just ask!

Handpick your Waiters

You have the power to handpick your staff. Every staff member has a detailed profile featuring photos, experience and reviews so you are able to choose the perfect staff for your job.